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Project heading to public consultation stage

June 15 2015

Cooma Monaro Shire Council and Cooma Lions Club are very pleased with the progress of the project Master Plan being developed for Lions Park, Mittagang Rd by Canberra Consultants dsb Landscape Architects.  The current draft version of the plan includes some public feedback and incorporates the inputs of the Council, the Lions Club and the Cooma Leos Club.

The draft plan includes an adventure playground to be implemented in the pine plantation area, a children’s playground, a leash free dog park, open grass picnic areas, an expanded car park that caters for caravan parking, upgrade of the existing BMX track, reforming the existing waterway as a dry creek bed including play experience bridges, dual flying foxes, upgraded pathways to become multi-use walking tracks and establishing an Arboretum.  The project is also to include an iconic theme structure to be placed near the entrance.

Suggested themes for the Park include that it will be an adventure playground, provide space for a wide range of activities, and provide a link to the Murrumbidgee River.  However the Lions Club are looking for an overall naming theme for the Park and are asking for public input. 

Please send your suggestions to

Discussion at the most recent meeting between the Council, the Lions Club and the Leos Club on Wednesday 10 June also focused on priorities for development and the future work program.  The Lions Club are planning to start work on the pathway upgrades as soon as the Master Plan is approved.  The Leos Club is also looking to contribute to the implementation.

dsb are going ahead with refining details for the playground and adventure playground equipment, furniture styles and finalising the Master Plan.  It is anticipated that this will be available for public comment from about the 6 July and there will be a public meeting to discuss the Master Plan and Playground Design on the 21st July 2015.

Click to view current draft of Landscape Master Plan



May 20 2015

Following an initial meeting with Cooma Monaro Shire Council and Cooma Lions Club on 30 April, dsb Landscape Architects prepared a draft Master Plan for the upgrade of Lions Park, Mittagang Road, Cooma which they presented at a meeting with the Council and the Lions Club on Thursday 14 May. 

The Council and the Lions Club envisage the upgraded Lions Park as a great future resource for the town, a tourist attraction and as one component of projects designed to link the town to the Murrumbidgee River.

Components of the draft Master Plan include a leash free dog park, an adventure playground to be implemented in the pine plantation area, children’s playground, open grass picnic areas, an expanded car park that also caters for caravan parking, upgrading of the existing BMX track, enhancement of the existing waterway, and an upgrade of existing pathways to become multi-use walking tracks. 

Eleven members of Cooma Lions Club met on site on Tuesday 19 May to review the plan.  There was lively input by all of the Lions who attended and the Club is responding in writing with comments to the Council on Wednesday 20 May.  Based on the current plan, the Lions Club are evaluating addition of a viewing platform for the BMX track, adding a maze to be located in the pine plantation, an arboretum, adding an attractive “entry” feature for the open grass picnic area near the entrance, and landscaping of the sloping area at the north-east end of the park for future multi-use as an amphi-theatre and for the launch site of a flying fox.

The Lions Club also reviewed the site in terms of components of the plan that the Club workforce can start on as soon as possible, including the walking track and the leash free dog park.

The Council consolidated the Lions comments with their own as feedback to dsb, who incorporated the comments into a final project Master Plan.  The next meeting between the three parties was held on Wednesday 27 May to review this Plan.

Further steps in the planning and design process include submission and evaluation of options for the adventure playground, community consultation and preparation of final plans.

 Site meeting 14 May:  Cooma Lions meet at Lions Park to discuss the draft Master Plan including a leash free dog park.  Left to right – John Browne, Vincent Keppler, Bob Weston, Russell Fox, Sheryl Keppler, Bob Nichols, Jeanette Nassar, John Britton, Luke Pope, Chris Reeks.  Dog park consultant in foreground

 Start up meeting 30 April:  from left to right - John Britton Cooma Lions Club, David Pearce DSB Landscape Architects, Bob Weston Lions Club, Michael Reeves DSB, Ross Lawley CMSC, Luke Pope Lions Club